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Coaching for juniors & adults
Based in Barnes- South West London 
All levels welcome

Our Story

My name is Giampiero Bittarelli and i am the founder and head coach of GB Tennis Academy.


From a mere age of 2, i became obsessed with kicking things, and on the odd occasion throw, sometimes breaking things at home. 


The journey started with football, where i played to a high junior level until the age of 10 in AC Milan youth academy, coached by one of my most influential figures, who's style and ethos i carry with me to this day. A firm but fair leader, who taught me not to stop until i succeeded, regardless how long it took to get there. 


Leaving Italy for London was very difficult at the time and eventually i lost my confidence due to my inability to speak the language and lacked identity in the teams that i played in. It was until one day i saw Rafael Nadal on TV when i was 9 that i knew i was in for a new journey of learning where to this day learning never stops.

I've had some tennis lessons from great people, attended junior coaching until the age of 15, competed, but soon realised i had rushed into competitions and this massively impacted my enjoyment. I discovered more satisfaction from helping others succeed than doing so myself.


Most of my progress and things i've learned in tennis have been self taught. I can thank my obsessive attention to detail and constant efforts in improving for this. In the ideal world i would have liked to have a coach who could guide me during my junior development and competitions where i found it most difficult.


Fast forward 20 years...i've become the person i wish i had back when i was 9. I've taught in over 40 schools, primary, secondary, disability schools, young adults, over 70s, became an LTA Level 3 coach, taught thousands of people from beginners to high level performance players; had countless injuries that to this day i try to manage, obtained a Sports Psychology and Coaching Sciences degree as i wanted to dive deeper and understand this fine gap between failure and success so i can help other players maximise not only what they do with their hands, feet and eyes but also what happens between their ears.

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Our Mission

Let's all agree that tennis is an extremely complex sport, with lots of different styles and techniques, which is the beautiful thing about our sport! At GB Tennis Academy we do not believe in a one size fits all approach; we are not here to build human robots with identical styles. We believe that simplifying stroke technique and tactics always obtain the best results, regardless the level. But it is about figuring what works best for you, and allowing you to be you, but the best version.


We pride ourselves in being performance focused but process driven, meaning we do care about results (obviously) and from day one we guarantee you will see them, but our goal is to make you love the process of getting there (most days anyway) by making each session exciting and challenging.

Your first step is to join us on court, take part and PLAY. Then, once you discover your newly acquired passion you can PRACTICE to improve. Finally, you will put your skills to the test and PERFORM, whether it is to beat your best friend, or compete at a national tournament.

Everyone is welcome to join our Academy, regardless your age, level or what goals you have.

But our mission is to grow players from a young age, develop and guide them through the phases of learning and competition and for those want to gain a career from Tennis, to help them turn into future ATP players...or great inspirational coaches ;)

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